Forming Habit by Being Lazy

Rule Number One: Be Lazy

My new job has me with set office hours, so even though I'm sure I'm still getting some exercise, I have struggled with feeling more sedentary. But how do I ride this change without ill side effects?

I bought a treadmill desk.

Yep, from a guy on Craigslist, at 25% the going price, from what he called a "regret" sale. Someone just changed their mind. So here I am at one full week now with this big thing. I toyed with the idea of setting it up somewhere other than my office, so it could be an escape from sitting. Then I thought, why not? I'm all in! So I moved my desk and chair out of my office and completely replaced this setup. (The dog does not like this, by the way. He no longer sits and accompanies me all day despite his favorite pillow staying in the exact same place.) I figured the best way to make this change is to have zero outs for retreat.

So first, if I want to work hard wired into my internet and not suffer this terrible wi fi I have right now, I have to be on the treadmill. Secondly, I do have an out but it's my less attractive option. I still have my airline seat chair, moved it to right by the window in the living so it's cozy, and use the pull out tray table as my "desk." But I have only rarely used it. Also, in the mornings or if my daughter joins me, I can also work on the bar in the kitchen. So I do have outs, but I'm more likely to use my new desk.

I've only been at this a week, but already have noticed a big difference in how I feel. (And hopefully my man will tell me also in how I look when he sees me next!) The first day, I walked over 15 miles and barely noticed. I did feel it the next day, however, as my right ankle--the one I broke long ago--was swollen and I was sore. I didn't want it to stop me so I took more vitamins and wrapped it in ice. I moved my desk up quite a bit and that helped. I also changed my speed, increasing it to between 1.5 and 2 mph most of the time. That helped, too.

One funny thing I've noticed that also has helped is the drummer in me is helping the programmer in me. I have large amounts of data I'm moving right now and working in spreadsheets. I notice that I unconsciously have started to develop a rhythm in my typing and my copy/paste! It's hilarious, as if I'm laughing at someone who isn't me! But yeah, that's me. It seems really to help me keep going, faster overall if not even in the task itself. 

What is most remarkable is the risk I took to go all in. This is the first article I've published here on this blog since I got this desk, and this whole time I've been walking while I type. It's unconscious. Many times I step on the 'mill and work on something, look down at the timer and I've walked for 30 minutes without even noticing. Because it's in my office, it's easier than other options. And it's really beneficial! I am super excited to apply this concept of being lazy to help me with other areas of my life that I want to improve. 

  • 5 June 2017
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After owning two businesses for two decades, I finally got a real job... dream job actually! Combining my passions of technology, education, and skydiving, I was hired in January 2017 by the United States Parachute Association as Director of IT. Sadly, I am no longer taking on new web programming projects, but I'm still skydiving and teaching certification courses through Xcelskydiving and of course writing! Also, I am still available for public speaking events... just email me. This blog site serves to display my numerous previously published works as well as satisfy my continued urge for sharing my insights... you know, those thoughts you have at 4 o'clock in the morning.

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